I just can’t do without my Gigi necklaces. Pieces of jewelry to wear alone or to stack depending on your mood, state of mind or special occasion! In 18-carat yellow, pink or white gold! Chokers and necklaces available in 50 wonderful colors!


Classic Gigi necklace

Side Cross Charm Classic Gigi Necklace

Puce Classic Gigi Diamonds Necklace

Collier Eye Classic


Gigi Supreme Classic 1 Diamond Necklace

Eye Sparkle Diamond Necklace


Croix Lumière Diamond Necklace


Lucky Sun Diamond Necklace

Mini Gigi 1 Diamond Necklace


Madone resin Charm Classic Gigi Necklace

Vintage Cross Diamond Necklace

Sun Classic Gigi Necklace


Ladybug Necklace

Lucky Heart Mini Gigi Necklace

Star Classic Gigi Diamond Necklace

Lucky Clover Classic Gigi Necklace


Gigi Supreme Classic 3 Diamond Necklace

Mini Gigi Party Necklace

Pearled Cross Mini Necklace

Miss Gigi Diamond Necklace


In Love Diamond Necklace, Blush

Gigi Supreme Classic 5 Diamond Necklace

Cross Charm Classic Gigi Necklace


Lucky Clover Classic Gigi Diamond Rosary

Classic Gigi Treasure Diamond Necklace


Classic Gigi sautoir

Mini Gigi 3 Diamonds Necklace

Petite Madone Supreme Diamonds Necklace

Étoile Diamond Necklace

Classic Rose Necklace

Madone resin Charm Classic Gigi Necklace

Diamonds Horseshoe Necklace

Lace Cross Necklace

Flower Classic Gigi Diamond Necklace

Lace Heart Necklace

Cross Charm Classic Gigi Diamond Necklace

Mini Gigi 5 Diamonds Necklace

Gigi Supreme 10 Diamond Necklace

Cat Classic Gigi Necklace

Lucky Cashmere Diamond Necklace

Gigi Supreme 7 Diamonds Necklace

Mini Diamonds Resin Horseshoe Necklace

Heart Supreme Classic Gigi diamonds necklace

Madone Supreme Diamonds Necklace

Star of David Necklace

Star of David Classic Gigi Diamonds Necklace

Lucky Puce mini Gigi Diamond Necklace

Angelfish Necklace

Pearled Cross Diamond Rosary

Cross Charm Classic Gigi Diamonds Rosary